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Bryn Mawr Beautiful  
Keeping Bryn Mawr Beautiful  •  •  •
•  •  •  a Very Satisfying Endeavor 
The Bryn Mawr Beautiful Foundation began as a memorial tribute to Philip Gianacova, a Bryn Mawr business owner.  Phil spent many hours picking up trash, sweeping streets, and planting flowers, all to keep Bryn Mawr beautiful.  When Phil died suddenly in January 1993, his family requested that, in lieu of flowers, the people of Bryn Mawr find a way to continue his efforts to beautify Bryn Mawr. In March 1994, Lower Merion Township approved the construction of a brick and flagstone memorial garden to Phil, on township property, next to the Community Center, on Bryn Mawr Avenue.  On April 14, 1994, Bryn Mawr Beautiful was incorporated, with representatives from the Bryn Mawr Civic Association, the Bryn Mawr Business Association, Bryn Mawr Rotary, and the Bryn Mawr Kiwanis Club. Ed Begosian was the first president. On Sept. 30, 1994, the Philip Gianacova Memorial Garden was dedicated.

Phil's vision included flowers in the town, and Bryn Mawr Beautiful developed a townscape program consisting of 12 large planters, placed by the railroad station and around town, 2S light posts hanging baskets along the Avenue and by the Station, and 25 flower boxes placed on public walls, fences, and the Morris Ave. railroad bridge. 

We signed on to the Pennsylvania Adopt-A-Highway Program. Led by the Bryn Mawr Rotary Club, we clean Lancaster Ave. four times a year. In 1999, we jointly sponsored the "Bryn Mawr Streetscape Study” which resulted in the creation of the Hayden Alley garden (next to Agostino), the Town Center garden (in Lot #7, across from the Post Office), and what has become known as the Gazebo Garden.

Bryn Mawr Beautiful provides all the plants, watering and maintaining all the flowers in Bryn Mawr. We encourage each shop to maintain a floral display. Every spring, we plant pansies around the train station, and in May, we plant our main floral display in the baskets on the light poles on Lancaster & Bryn Mawr Aves. Although most of the garden maintenance is done by volunteers, the baskets on the light poles must be watered on a daily basis, and for this we employ 2 people.  Originally, our plantings were limited by access to water, so there were large gaps in the flower display along Lancaster Ave. This year, we leased a utility vehicle, which carries its own water supply and pump, which allowed us to provide a continuous flower display from Roberts Rd to the Aqua buildings, and to water gardens which are not close to a water source.  This has been revolutionary for us, and we intend to expand our light pole planter program eastward. The purchase of the watering vehicle is crucial to these plans.

Over the years, we have expanded our efforts to keep the sidewalks in Bryn Mawr clean. Each summer, we employ a couple of local teenagers to pick up litter on a daily basis. In the fall, we remove the flowers from the baskets and boxes and we clean the parking cutouts of leaves and debris. In the late fall, we fill the baskets with pine and spruce greens to help provide the spirit of the holiday season. Our program is run entirely by volunteers and our major funding comes from the Bryn Mawr Business Association, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Bryn Mawr Rotary, Aqua, the Bryn Mawr Trust Co., and local business owners and residents. Bryn Mawr Beautiful is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our annual budget for these activities is $15,000. We believe in Bryn Mawr and we hope to continue our work and interest more people to volunteer their time and contribute to our funding. 

It’s all about our hometown.

Harold Wilson, President          
Sue Barone Davis, Treasurer
Bobbie McElroy, Secretary

Contact:     Hank Wilson                      
                    PO Box 10  
Bryn Mawr,  PA  19010              

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